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Welcome to Tirana

Tirana is an amazing city and rightfully is called ‘the heart’ of Albania and the engine of development for the entire nation.

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Tirana holds most of the country’s treasures and represents the home for main governmental and non-governmental institutions. This city is the capital of Albania and constitutes the main economic and cultural centre of the country. Tirana was founded in 1614 and it was declared as provisional capital of Albania in February 1920. Definitive status was given in 1925.

Tirana is situated in centre part of the country and lies at the foot of Dajti Mountain, 110 meters above the sea level. Sunny days prevail all over the year. The most beautiful seasons are spring and autumn. During these seasons the nature is decorated with a variety of wild flowers and colours. This city offers numerous opportunities which can be found only in Tirana; Are you tired and want to relax, take the cable car and go to a very relaxing area, Dajti National Park, and it takes only 20 minutes. This is a place where one can spend holidays and engage in various activities like horse riding, trekking, excursions, sky sports etc; For those who like the beach, there are many nice spots to enjoy the sand and the sun only 45 minutes driving, far from Tirana; 

In Tirana, visitors above all will see how the communist style is blended with modern architecture. Visiting Tirana will be an unforgettable experience. But not everything can be described by words. Come to Tirana, the city of contrasts where the beauty and the ugly, the traditional and the modern society, the old architectural ruins and high building stay side by side.