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Welcome to Sranda

Saranda is the most southern city in Albania and can be called “the entrance to the Southern Albania”.

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This city is situated between high mountains and the blue Ionian Sea. The city was firstly mentioned in I century B.C. with the name “Onhezmus”. The ancient city was destroyed. However, some ruins remained and today is possible to visit the old settlement as well the old synagogue. But, definitely, the most important archaeological site is Butrinti, which is 18 km far from Saranda. Butrinti is part of UNESCO’s world heritage list since 1992. The most significant archaeological objects are the theatre of Butrint, the temple of Aesculapius (God of health), the altar of baptisms, mosaics, walls and antique entrance to the city.

Saranda is quite near with Greek island of Corfu and these two locations are regularly connected via ferry transportation. The favourable geographical position and mild climate make the city of Saranda one of the most appealing touristic destination in Albania.