Discover the undiscovered Albania - Diber region

Do you want to witness a traditional society and see traditional families - Come explore with us the most undiscovered and traditional region in Albania. Situated in beautiful mountainous Northeast Albania, Diber region offers excellent trekking, hiking, horse back riding and fishing. In this picturesque and rustic region one will be whisked back in time. Where the mule and horse cart replace tractors as the main means for tilling the land and transporting goods to market and where the traditional Albania hospitality is renowned for its warmth towards visitors.

Our tours to Korab Mountain (2,751 m) the highest mountain in the Balkans and the alpine Lura Lakes offer exhilarating views and the opportunity to explore the flora and fauna. Many flowers, herbs and plants can be found in the highland pastures. Especially in summer times whole mountain pastures are full of colours and flower smells. In the mountain areas there are still bears, mountain deer and wolfs as well as many bird species.The tours are lead by an English-Albanian speaking guide, with overnights in local villages, where there are abundant opportunities to witness and be a part of traditional village culture.

The population of Diber is mainly involved in agriculture and are famous for their hospitality and, of course in Albanian, for their allegoric way of speaking. The national hero of Albania, Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu (1405 – 1468) was born in Diber, who fought against the Turks during the Ottoman Empire in 15th century.

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